Data Horizons

Data Horizons

Created as the result of a year long Leverhulme Trust residency with the Extreme Light group UK for the 2017 Edinburgh International Science Festival at Summerhall, UK. Data Horizons featured four installations, each activating the exotic light from horizons of scientific understanding.

Data Horizons documentary, featuring Lily Hibberd and Extreme Light’s Daniele Faccio. Video production by Alex Ingle 2017.

Slow Light

Slow Light is a kinetic photoluminescent sculpture that performs light in very slow movement in an adaptation of the famous "Pitch Drop" experiment. Emulating Extreme Light's capture of light in flight, which is slowed down by a factor of 200 meters per second, this gravity experiment in light takes the unearthly speed of light and transforms it into a tangible entity, one drip at a time.

Analogue Black Hole

This 10-second looped video, Analogue Black Hole, was created from original data sourced from Extreme Light's laboratory experiment in which the conditions of a black hole are replicated using two lasers that force light into a vortex to create an analogue event horizon.

Vortex Fountain 

The kinetic sculpture Vortex Fountain embodies the behaviour of light in a black hole and transforms otherwise untouchable cosmic phenomena into a visceral, time-based encounter.

Black Hole Horizon 

The 3D sound installation Black Hole Horizon takes us inside Extreme Light’s artificial black hole experiment. It transforms real data from the lab into a an 8-speaker sound environment. As we move through the space, we are surrounded by a flowing vortex of sound, which increases in pitch and velocity until the point where we meet the event horizon.

Black Hole Horizon, extract from Data Horizons documentary video, production by Alex Ingle 2017.

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