First Love


First Love employs the image and material form of melting ice as an embodiment of time and a as marker of our incapacity to control the outcomes of climate change. The exhibition comprises an installation of four large-scale glow-in-the-dark paintings, a series of 12 short performance videos, and 13 small paintings of ice on mirror. At the centre of the exhibition, a theatre light slowly melts through a 250 kilogram block of ice, demonstrating the entwinement of ice and time.

This illustrated volume created for First Love features a series of reproductions of artworks from the exhibition, interspersed in the text "Ice, time, desire" by Lily Hibberd. The book includes an essay by John C. Welchman that explores the connections between ice, time and desire through the structure and composition of crystal.

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This small guide was produced for the First Love exhibition at Grantpirrie Gallery, Sydney, 2009. It includes an extract from Lily Hibberd’s essay for the project, titled “Ice, Time, Desire”.

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Slow Ice, video from the “First Love” series, 2009

Ice Mirror

The 13 paintings in the series Ice Mirror present ice as a means to confront time. Just as human exploitation of our planet is undoing frozen worlds, time is a anthropocentric imposition that divorces us from reality. Nonetheless, time is held in ice.

Contract with Witches, video from the “First Love” series, 2009. Performance reading by actor Evelyn Krape.

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